Executive Team

  • Hamish Christie-Johnston
    Hamish Christie-Johnston Managing Director
  • Sean McLean General Manager, Technical Services
    Sean McLean
  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith General Manager, Off-Highway
  • John Delany General Manager, Regional Operations
    John Delany
  •  Craig Lee
    Craig Lee General Manager, On-Highway
  • Leigh Henderson General Manager, Western Operations
    Leigh Henderson
  • Wayne Wallace
    Wayne Wallace General Manager, Retail Truck Sales
  • Greg Dobe General Manager, Remanufacturing And Production
    Greg Dobe
  • Roger Gleeson
    Roger Gleeson General Manager, Defence
  • Tracy Black Chief Financial Officer
    Tracy Black
Hamish Christie-Johnston

Hamish Christie-Johnston

Hamish Christie-Johnston is the Managing Director of Penske Australia including its complete portfolio of on- and off-highway services and solutions. 

Appointed as Managing Director of Penske Power Systems, on 1st January 2017, Hamish was subsequently appointed as the Managing Director of Penske Australia on 1st March 2020 following the consolidation of Penske Commercial Vehicles and Penske Power Systems into one business, Penske Australia. 

Initially joining the organisation in August 2014 as Chief Sales Officer and Executive Team member of Penske Power Systems, he was responsible for leading the off-highway business segments including the engineering and marketing functions.

With broad experience working with global OEMs for most of his career – across the fields of industrial sales and marketing, as well as equipment and asset management within the mining, construction, defence, road transport and power systems industries – Hamish has a strong understanding of the markets in which Penske Australia operates.

Hamish maintains a strategic and customer-focused vision for the business and believes that successful outcomes result when we fully understand and respond quickly to the needs of our customers. He has a successful track record developing teams and implementing improved processes based on this philosophy.

Likening his role to that of a coach – ensuring that his team has the understanding, skills, and execution required to drive successful outcomes – Hamish has deep business planning experience within our markets, as well as strong leadership, communication and relationship-building skills.

Hamish holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Melbourne University, an MBA from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Sean McLean

Sean McLean

Sean McLean has more than 20 years of management experience, working with global OEMs and customers, dedicated to the development and application of transport technologies. 

A qualified mechanical engineer, Sean has enjoyed career success across various technical and managerial roles.

He joined Penske Power Systems, now Penske Australia, in September 2016 as General Manager, On-Highway with a focus on customer support and aftersales for Detroit engines and Allison Transmissions. 

On 1 March 2020 Sean was appointed to General Manager, Technical Services responsible for on and off-highway technical support and engineering, warranty functions, and management of Detroit and Allison business. 

Sean oversees some 45 technical and sales experts dedicated to delivering results to the customer through innovative product development and bespoke solutions unique to local market.

He employs a collaborative management style, working with his team to deliver engineering innovation that’s driven by a passion for customer service.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration, and is a member of the Truck Industry Council.

Prior to joining Penske Australia he held a range of roles with Cummins South Pacific, across engineering, product planning, sales and marketing management.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith joined Penske Power Systems, now Penske Australia in March 2017 as General Manager, Off-Highway responsible for overseeing sales, aftersales and engineering services.

Matthew has an extensive background in senior commercial and leadership roles in mining and related fields. With law and commerce qualifications, his career has spanned various legal and managerial positions.

Overseeing more than 60 staff, he is passionate about developing high performing teams which provide innovative, profitable solutions. He also has a proven track record in executing strategies and building mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Matthew has an honest and inclusive leadership style. He displays strong personal leadership to ensure that customers’ business drivers are understood and that we deliver on our promises.  He is also passionate about helping our people develop and grow for the future.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from Bond University in Queensland.

Matthew comes to Penske Australia having most recently worked in senior management roles at Orica and Westrac.

John Delany

John Delany

John Delany joined Penske Power Systems, now Penske Australia in February 2008 as Branch Manager, Hunter Valley. In late 2010, John was promoted to managing the regional branch network including Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and Hunter Valley.

Appointed as General Manager, Regional Operations in June 2017, John leads Penske Australia’s regional branch network, off-highway product technical support team and maintenance contract management team.

Across his career, he has had extensive experience in operational management, original equipment manufacturer business sales, engineering and maintenance contract development.

Active in the development of new business opportunities whilst building on relationships, John is passionate about customers being heard and consistent delivery of high value solutions.

A great believer in employee engagement as a key driver of great service, he promotes team development and an overall team approach.

John has previously held various senior operations and marketing roles in his career.

 Craig Lee

Craig Lee

Since joining Penske Power Systems, now Penske Australia, in mid-2015, Craig has held the positions of Diversified Products Manager, Off-Highway Aftersales Manager, and General Manager – Eastern Operations.

Appointed as General Manager – On Highway, in February 2020, Craig has been tasked with truck and bus retail and fleet sales, managing truck OEM relationships, on-highway aftersales, on-highway sales administration, and dealer development.

Craig has performed a range of senior leadership roles during his career in the oil and manufacturing sectors. 

He has an inclusive, hands-on management style, positively influencing and developing staff to form a cohesive and high functioning team. 

Focussed on driving customer service success by engaging with end users, he motivates his staff to deliver sustained, outstanding achievements.

Prior to joining Penske Australia, Craig most recently held domestic and international Sales and General Manager roles at VIP Packaging and BP. 

Craig is a qualified mechanic and holds an MBA through QUT.

Leigh Henderson

Leigh Henderson

Leigh Henderson was appointed General Manager of Western Operations in January 2018. Having initially joined the organisation in 2009, Leigh has held various roles including Commercial Manager, Perth Branch Manager, and State Manager – Western Australia.

With a background in finance and 15 years of management experience, Leigh has held various senior commercial and operational positions in Perth and London.

Overseeing 180 staff in Penske Australia’s Western operations and diverse market operations, he is passionate about managing thriving teams that provide customers with value-driven and timely solutions.

With a transparent approach to leadership, he leads by example demonstrating a strong and cooperative work ethic. Leigh takes pride in developing talent within his team, strengthening business acumen and is a strong communicator across all aspects of the operational network.

Leigh holds a Bachelor of Commerce (majors in Accounting and Finance) and is also a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA).

Wayne Wallace

Wayne Wallace

Wayne Wallace has more than 20 years of leadership experience working in the on-highway industry on both the OEM and dealer side.

Having started his career in a private business, he joined an OEM as a diesel technician in the late eighties where he was steadily promoted through management roles including service manager, branch manager, regional operations manager, and national business operations manager with responsibility for both Australian and overseas operations.

More recently as the general manager of multiple retail truck centre locations, Wayne directly managed multiple branches along with being responsible for independent dealerships where he crafted skills in bringing different brands and cultures into a single business identity.

Wayne joined Penske Power Systems, now Penske Australia in September 2018 as general manager of retail truck sales, also responsible for Penske’s expanding used truck business. He leads sales activities across select branches throughout Australia with a focus on growing market share whilst also assisting the business to understand how to improve the customer experience.

Overseeing an expanding team of technical and sales professionals, Wayne is committed to ensuring that customers remain the focus, and empowering the staff to make good decisions. Passionate about building a winning culture, he encourages and mentors staff while ensuring obstacles are removed.

In addition to having hands-on experience as a diesel technician, Wayne undertook further education including diplomas in business and frontline management as well as executive management courses.

Greg Dobe

Greg Dobe

Greg Dobe was appointed General Manager, Remanufacturing in October 2018. In March 2020, he was tasked with the additional responsibility of leading the production team.   
Having commenced with the organisation in 1993, he has held a variety of roles including General Manager – Remanufacturing, National Remanufacturing Manager, Branch Manager, Aftersales Manager, Service Manager, Workshop Supervisor, Leading Hand, and Technician.  
As General Manager, Greg is responsible for all production operations and all large engine and component remanufacturing for various markets including rail, defence, mining, marine, on highway, and power generation.

Passionate about making a difference each and every day, he strives for growth and business sustainability, and regularly develops and implements business and process improvements. 
Greg leads by example and has a hands-on management style. Overseeing a total of 123 staff across NSW, QLD and WA, he is an advocate for change and encourages his staff to extend themselves to reach their full potential. 
Greg currently holds a Heavy Commercial Vehicle tradesperson certificate, a Diploma of Management, and is undertaking a Master of Business Administration. He has also participated in leadership development and mentoring programs.

Roger Gleeson

Roger Gleeson


Roger Gleeson was appointed General Manager, Defence in October 2018 with over a decade of experience with the organisation.
His broad experience with Penske Australia has comprised multiple roles including Service Manager – Darwin, Technical Support Manager – Defence Programmes Group (DPG), Assistant Manager – DPG, and National Manager – DPG.
Prior to joining Penske in 2008, Roger spent 12 years within the Australian Defence Force, where, in addition to serving on multiple active service overseas deployments, he held various engineering roles supporting, developing, and managing the delivery of ground support services for Australian air assets nationally and overseas.
As General Manager – Defence, Roger oversees a team of 21 staff. His leadership style fosters a strong team environment that promotes growth within the team as individuals are exposed to new responsibilities and tasks.
He leads by example, guiding a team that has direct customer interface across the multi-tiered hierarchy of the defence industry.
In providing national contract and project capabilities, Roger is driven by the core objective of developing, delivering, and managing projects that provide value to the defence customer base through the installation and in-service support capability of Penske-supported products.

Roger hold trade and engineering qualifications and a Diploma in Business Management.

Tracy Black

Tracy Black

Tracy Black is Chief Financial Officer of Penske Transportation Group International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Penske Automotive Group. With over 25 years' experience as a finance professional, Tracy has a proven track record of achieving challenging business objectives, building successful teams and driving organisational change.

She has vast experience across the complete spectrum of finance, including accounting and internal control, business decision support and corporate reporting having held positions of Asia Pacific Finance Director and International Controller. Tracy was appointed Chief Financial Officer in July 2018 and is passionate about leading and delivering effective and customer focused financial, accounting, and procurement services. 

She has oversight across Penske Transportation Group International, Penske Australia, and Penske New Zealand. Tracy is a certified practicing accountant who also holds an MBA from University of Technology Sydney and a master of accounting from Charles Sturt University.